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Release date
March 17th

Two distinctly different paths, converging at a singular point of inspira-
tion and collaboration, this is the story of how Traces came to be.
Hailing from backgrounds as diverse as the Europe’s illegal rave circuit
(living in a sound-system truck with fearsome guard dogs, importing
parties to places they wouldn’t get shut down) and New York’s sweatiest
underground clubs (in a lost era of untamed revelry in basements beneath
basements), Maelstrom and Louisahhh!!! were joined in 2013 through di-
vine fate (or the deft hand of Brodinski, who suggested the partnership).
One day after moving to France, LOUISAHHH!!! showed up on Maels-
trom’s doorstop like a ‘techno foreign exchange student’, thus birthing
Transcend, LOUISAHHH’s first solo release on Bromance – with the help
and experience of the decidedly enigmatic Maelstrom.
Over the course of the year, through several more creatively intense weeks
at ‘Camp Saint GoHard’,  an organic evolution of a sound fully embodying
both parties began to emerge.
« We come from such different places, but our references are similar.  The
first time I heard Maelstrom DJ, I remember yelling at him ‘YOU ARE
MY MUSICAL SOULMATE!!!’.  He plays things I’ve never heard anybo-
dy else spin – except for me », says LOUISAHHH!!!
Debuting with the collaboration on the Nous Sommes 2014 Translations
EP, Traces is a further exploration of the known territories: beloved old
school electro roots, ferocious punk rock attitude, deep house sensitivity,
with an eye to the bold, bright future – of Bromance and beyond.  We are
eager to see where this path takes us.
«  Night Clubbing is a really special track – it captures the es-
sence of Maelstrom and Louisahhh!!! together, at our best.
Playing it out has been astounding because the crowd physical-
ly reacts, it’s been getting an incredible response. It’s a track
about the individual experience of the nightlife, the feeling
of walking in a back alley at 3 in the morning with other party
animals, heading to the next club, until your feet can’t take you
anywhere. The kind of moments when you think you’re invincible,
and when the very notion of time disapears.»
Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom about “Night Clubbing”
«Rough and Tender has an aggressive groove that really gets
under one’s skin, it feels dark and kind of unhinged.  This
song feels like the underdog of the two – it’s less obvious, pe-
rhaps, but has a definite home in sweating, filthy warehouses
and basements. Partying has always been somehow rebellious
to both of us, a way of going against the tide, and this is
what Rough & Tender embodies. A ferocious and subversive cry
against whatever stops you from being who you truly are, and
doing what you think you’re meant to.»

Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom about “Rough & Tender”

SM Bousille