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Release date
May 12th

Carlo ‘Illangelo’ Montagnese, is a Canadian artist, producer, songwriter mix engineer and classically trained musician. His work includes executive production of The Weeknd’s «Trilogy» along with the production of singles by Drake (‘Crew Love’) and Wiz Khalifa (‘Remember You’) as well as remixes for Lady Gaga (‘Marry The Night’) and Florence + the Machine (‘Shake It Out’). His debut album ‘History of Man’, out August 2013 on Bromance Records, is a visual and audio narrative inspired by the epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’ by 17th-century English poet John Milton.

Phlo Finister was born Elijah Finister, in Oakland, California to half Portuguese and Irish parents. Phlo’s early childhood was notably reserved and traditional, she attended a small private Christian school where her Grandfather was a Pastor and her Grandmother a local English teacher. Phlo attended ballet classes until a late age and was also part of a church choir at which she developed her distinctive vocal style. Finister’s early musical taste was grounded in gospel and classical music and as a teenager she explored a wide musical palette which included Björk, Jerry Bock, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Portishead and Janis Joplin.

“We imagined the song set in a retro-futuristic world, similar to movies like ‘Clockwork Orange,’ ‘Blade Runner’ or ‘HER.’ The youth are influenced by a programmed, internet/media driven society. Retarded, distracted, lazy wasted youth. Which is destroying our world. We’ve wasted our time here and destroyed our natural habitats. The world is an hour-glass turned over, with the time running out.”
Illangelo & Phlo Finister about “Clockwork”

Jonathan Zawada