Bromance #2
G.Vump & Pipes

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Release date
March 12th 2012

The musical duo known as Pipes (consisting of Matty Pipes on vocals and Steven Bloodbath acting as composer and producer) was birthed by the Central Los Angeles polysexual dance community that is responsible for such increasingly legendary parties asMustache Mondays, A Club Called Rhondaand the now defunct Wildness. Pipes is not the only artistic entity of note to ascend from this same scene. In fact much has been written about this new guard of West Coast Club Kids, but far from the stripped-down aesthetic that defines the others, Pipes unabashedly owns their influences both sonically and visually.

G.Vump puts a name on the virtual representation of the musical and close-but- non-sexual relationship between frenchies Brodinski and Guillaume Brière, half part of the well-respected band called The Shoes. Coming from the same Champagne-Ardenne region, the two protagonists gave birth to G.Vump two years ago with a debut EP released on Sound Pellegrino imprint.

Time after time, what was considered as a sort of side project has quickly turned into something more important, something bigger since the productions and remixes signed under its name have been snowballing over the past few months : production for Shakira, remixes for Yuksek, Matt & Kim, Woodkid and Lana Del Rey more recently. Anyway, it goes without saying that G.Vump is one of the most catchy and productive duos at the moment, and this upcoming release does not break the rule.