Bromance #5
Jacques Lu Cont & Monsieur Monsieur

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Release date
September 24th 2012

Brodinski and Manu Barron’s ‘Bromance Records’ have quickly gained an excellent reputation for unearthing and nurturing exceptional new talent alongside dance music legends. Their fifth EP is a fine example of that welcoming the combined forces of Jacques Lu Cont and Monsieur Monsieur to their musical family.

Jacques Lu Cont(akaStuartPrice)needs little introduction. A British electronic musician, composer and producer who is best known for his collaborations with some of the world’s biggest artists (Madonna, The Killers, Scissor Sisters and Kylie). This three-time Grammy Winning Artist has a number of solo acts as well, including ‘Les Rythmes Digitales’. With this multitude of projects under his belt, Jacques Lu Cont isn’t known to stay in one place for too long. ‘I get motivated about building things up and then knocking it all down and starting again‘, he says with a grin.‘Trying to prove it all over,that’s always appealed to me’.Bromance Records is very excited to be releasing this sonic luminary’s newest creation, ‘In The Night’ – A hypnotic track that combines elements of disco with grinding bass lines and pulsating rhythms.

‘The story of getting to work with Bromance is really one of chance. I got to meet Louis when they asked me to play for a bromance show at Fabric in London, the night was great and we had a good time. A few months later i was working on a track at the studio thinking it would be cool if only someone like Bromance would like to release it and there in my inbox was a friendly email asking if i wanted to release something on the label, they would like to also… ! The coïncidence was too strong to ignore. They plough their own terrain in dance music and are a genuine spirit to be around’.

Monsieur Monsieur are talented duo Léo Copet and Geoffrey Bougy –two French producers from Reims, a region in France reputed to be the modern epicenter of electro creativity. Together the two perform DJ sets that mesmerize the crowd with their unique taste and diverse sound. The two composed debut track ‘Arym’ for Bromance #5 – an expansive heavy hitter with ominous, grinding bass lines that pendulates between minimalism and traditional techno.

Jonas Delaborde