Bromance #6
Club Cheval

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Release date
November 5th 2012

Brodinski and Manu Barron’s ‘Bromance Records’ have quickly gained an excellent reputation for unearthing and nurturing exceptional new talent. After a first track released on Bromance on June 2011, they are pleased to release a full Club Cheval EP called Decisions.

Dance music has often sounded too generic and derivative in the last few years. Hopefully music lovers can find gems here and there. And sometimes they suddenly realize there’s an entire goldmine below their feet. Like this night in 2010, when some touched-by-grace tracks were discovered on Soundcloud. Made by four boys from northern France, those tunes had a peculiar « something’s happening there » feeling. Something was happening, at last, and this thing was going way beyond the simple exercise in style or the wink-wink-nudge-nudge genre mastery. A new language was being heard, new musical moves were being executed and fresh emotions expressed. Virgin grooves using unknown material.

Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Myd and Panteros666 are Club Cheval – « cheval » meaning « horse » in French. Juvenile yet mature, erudite but fun-loving, they started making music together around 2009, when a schoolmate of Panteros’ called Sam Tiba joined the crew, adding a different touch to the soundscape due to its Jamaican/Black American music background.

With Club Cheval, you never really know where you’ve landed, yet you feel at home among these guys who speak this unknown, tasty language that goes through the curvey, bass-heavy swing of London carnival music, the hectic « cabaret » mixing style, all these washes of melodic sweetness coming from Detroit via Tokyo, IDM’s flamboyant nerdism, and many other micro- worlds of music.

“Decisions” is a hulky 140 BPM track built around a screaming SH-101 lead and a “ninja” type beat. We think dancing on the drop feels like drilling through a brick wall filled with heavenly air pockets. “Vanilla Girl” is the female early-00’s Rn’B visage of Club Cheval. Sounding like the cold confidences of a girl on the phone, there is a sort of cotton euphoria in this track…with strong tambourine drives now and again.

Decisions EP is dream and energy together ; a kind of Rave n’B. CLUB CHEVAL.

Jesse Auersalo