Bromance #Special : The Black Brad Pitt EP

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Release date
August 20th 2012

Evil Nine feat. Danny Brown – The Black Brad Pitt EP
Release date : August, 20th, 2012
Brighton forever. Partners in crime from Big Beach Boutique city since 1998 the electronic duo Evil Nine aka Tome Beaufoy and Pat Pardy received a critical success on their debut album You Can Be Special. With three follow-up projects as They Live ! EP, The Power EP and a fabulous mix for the renowned Fabric live, the pair keeps achieving success.
When collaborating with Detroit based rising hip-hop star Danny Brown, Pat and Tom presented a demo to Brodinski a couple of months ago. Immediately blown away, he decided to sign the collab on his label. Indeed, Danny Brown is one of a kind : « one of rap’s most unique figure in recent memory » according to MTV. Like a knight, party sex and drugs for motto, Danny keeps going straight ahead and binds prestigious collaborations with J Dilla, Paul White or Tony Yayo. His last album XXX on Fools Gold is a blast.
This new Bromance release – called “The Black Brad Pitt” which features verses from creative teeth M.C – is an hybrid bomb track, a lyrical throwback with cutting punchlines and hilarious imagery. Dark and dangerous, comic and corrosive, there is no middle ground here. Unfortunately (or luckily) for you, it will be hard to strike a balance with this Gesaffelstein remix. The techno master built a monument heavier than the heaviest burden : massive and agressive. These two nutsy hits are going to make you freak, for sure.

Jean André