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Release date
March 4th 2013

Victor Watel a.k.a Panteros666 grew up in the cold and trashy North of France just like his Club Cheval brothers. He started doing music as a teenage drummer, played in various dance-punk outfits in the late 00’s and soon developed a personal, enhanced sound environment. He’s also been continuously fed by many other kinds of digital commodities : YouTube vids, gifs and jpgs found through extended scrolling sessions on self-generated pics websites. He eventually got rid of his drumset, and started his techno crusade in 2011.

His first EP,”Kegstand”,released bySound Pellegrino, was a true mutation in effect–sounds taken from the Dutch jumpstyle songbook locked inside a funky techno frame. The main intention is basically to produce tracks that can both entertain your mind and talk to your body : dancefloor ammunition with a twisted, meta angle, working like comments on what’s generally thought about club music. His material sounds physical and nervous, but also offers much to (joyfully) think about. Then followed “Javelin” EP released on Belgian label Forma.T, his contribution to Benelux born warehouse techno.

Also working in the realms of TV communication and advertising by day like some sort of animated gif era Don Draper, Panteros666 has directed all his “.Mov”, and offered his extended video imagination to other artists : Para One – You, The Aikiu – Pieces of Gold with its million views… or being a DJ- explorer for Vice Magazine “Guide to Festivals”. He teamed up with “The Creators Project” to develop the interactive engineering behind his live show.

His first mini LP “Hyper Reality” + Live show, to be released on Brodinski and Manu Barron label Bromance, unites both Panteros666’s obsessions with technologies and music. Using Xbox kinects and digital technologies live to visually enrich his mutant techno and interact with club audiences.

Panteros666 vision of the EP

“Each of the 7 tracks from ‘Hyper Reality’, inhabits a different landscape from the HD digital world I created during the live. MP4s accompany MP3s on a 60 min techno crusade. Each movement represents an important aspect of what I believe electronic music does to the human imagination : uncontrolable visions of chaos for “Snaredrum Warfare”, “Euroshima” and “Porteciel” ; dreamy robotic atmospheres for “Zoo Magazine” and “Olymp X” ; vivid psychedelia 2.0 for “Hyper Reality”.”